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These pages are meant as a rough guide for our academic partners to the process of scheduling online classes through the UMass Boston College of Advancing and Professional Studies.

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To change or cancel an existing class, click here.

The delivery of online classes is uniquely nuanced, and requires the CAPS Online Education staff to gather a considerable amount of information. We aim to ensure the accuracy of information presented to our users in the UMass Boston community. We do our best and provide our academic partners with user-friendly scheduling tools and make the scheduling process as convenient and transparent as possible, within systemic constraints. We continually strive to improve our processes and work with our academic partners to answer questions and respond to feedback.

There are two major stages to the scheduling processes: the initial scheduling period and the “off-sync” period. During the initial scheduling period for each semester, the CAPS Online Education office collects schedules from each academic department and program. During the off-sync period, CAPS Online Education office receives and processes requests for changes to the existing schedule.

Currently, we are in the off-sync period for all semesters.

Click here to learn more about the INITIAL SCHEDULING PERIOD

Click here to learn more about OFF-SYNC SCHEDULING

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